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Author:  unregistered [ Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  easy6502

My sister is going to try to learn nes assembly from this... it is quite a site... there is a javascrpit 6502 emulatior that the guy made for his ebook. IT ROCKS!! :D I went through the first part of his teaching up to his branching section... it's written very well by a guy who wants to help others to understand 6502. The nes uses a 2A03, but I think it is a general 6502 chip... with no decimal mode. Oh and it has an apu (audio processing unit) that is a part of its 2A03, I think...
Well, ok this site could help someone to learn 6502; the only problem I had was misunderstanding his code
LDA #$80
STA $01
ADC $01

I didn't notice that he loaded the accumulator with #$80 and so then when he added #$80 to the accumulator I wasn't bright enough to figure out the answer... a #$00 with the carry set... which you can see on his javascript 6502 program :shock:
... what do yall think of it? :)

edit: easy6502's 6502 emulator is really sweet for learning 6502... but it doesn't use the NES's PPU. So just understand that before you start learning from this guy's sweet site.


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