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Re: changing the background colour

Post by koitsu » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:25 pm

This code is wrong still:

1. The code in your VBLANK label does not return from the interrupt, yet you're setting NMI in the 6502 vectors section to that label/address. This is bad. You need an rti as your last instruction, otherwise your jmp Infinite is technically running inside of NMI.

2. Again in your VBLANK routine: you're clearing bit 7 too soon. There's a known race condition on the NES where if you do this too soon you end up skipping NMI entirely. See last bullet point item here ... #PPUSTATUS as well as this:

If you don't want to deal with that, just add two nop instructions prior to the bit $2002 (and loop against the bit $2002 line, not the two nops) which will waste 4 cycles.

3. The code in your VECTORS section for IRQ/BRK vector uses .word 0, which literally means .word $0000, which means your IRQ/BRK vector is pointing to $0000 (i.e. the first and second bytes of zero page). Stop/pause for a moment and think what you want: you essentially, right now, want it to point to some code that essentially does, nothing, right? Pretty simple:

Code: Select all


.segment "VECTORS"
    .word VBLANK
    .word RESET
    .word IRQ
IRQs are particularly weird on the NES due to how DMC/PCM works (digital audio samples), and with things like scanline counters on certain mappers. It's not worth the risk of pointing it to $0000 and assuming it'll never get executed.

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