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PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:43 pm 

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Hello, new here and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction dumping my carts...

I decided to start with Super Mario Bros. , I modified the inlretro.lua script.

Line 64 -- unremarked, set to use the nes.nrom (which I believe is used for no mapper present)
Line 105 -- unremarked, to use NES and ensured all others are remarked out
Set the process options starting on line 119 to:
   local process_opts = {
      test = true,
      read = true,
      erase = false,
      program = false,
      verify = false,
      dumpram = false,
      writeram = false,
      dump_filename = "dump.bin",
      flash_filename = "flash.bin",
      verify_filename = "verifyout.bin",
      dumpram_filename = "ramdump.bin",
      writeram_filename = "",

I didn't change any of the lines starting with 137 since it looked as if based on the comment on line 185 that it would autodetect
   local console_opts = {
      mirror = nil, -- Only used by latest INL discrete flash boards, set to "H" or "V" to change board mirroring
      prg_rom_size_kb = 256 * 128,   -- Size of NES PRG-ROM in KByte
      chr_rom_size_kb = 8,         -- Size of NES CHR-ROM in KByte
      wram_size_kb = 0,            -- Size of NES PRG-RAM/WRAM in KByte
      rom_size_kbyte = 8 * 128,       -- Size of ROM in kilobytes, used for non-NES consoles.
      -- If more convienient, specifying size in megabits is also supported.
      -- rom_size_kbyte = 8,          -- Size of ROM in megabits, used for non-NES consoles.

Here is the output after running.
C:\INL-retro-progdump-master\host>inlretro.exe -s scripts\inlretro.lua
Successfully found and connected to INL retro-prog
Device firmware version: 2.3.x

Testing         NROM
attempting to detect NES/FC mapper via mirroring...
vertical mirroring sensed
EXP0 pull-up test:      10
reading PRG-ROM manf ID
attempted read PRG-ROM manf ID: 78
attempted read PRG-ROM prod ID: D8
reading CHR-ROM manf ID
attempted read CHR-ROM manf ID: 3
attempted read CHR-ROM prod ID: F

Dumping PRG & CHR ROMs...

It sat on dumping and took 9min, which seems like a very long time to output a 32kb file. Am I doing this right? I am not sure how to add the header info to test, can someone point me in the right direction?

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