Collision Prevention

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Re: Collision Prevention

Post by lillapojkenpåön » Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:02 pm

I'm trying to scroll right and update the other nametable like this ... scroll_r.c

I don't get what the python script does? Can I just use nes screen tool and skip it for now?
And would appreciate some comments on the lines that I didn't comment myself

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void draw_screen_R(void){
	// scrolling to the right, draw metatiles as we go
	pseudo_scroll_x = scroll_x + 0x120;  //offscreen
	temp1 = pseudo_scroll_x >> 8;  //get anything above 255??
	set_data_pointer(Rooms[temp1]);  // for the metatile system, pass it the addresses of the room data
	nt = temp1 & 1;  //what nametable to write to?
	x = pseudo_scroll_x & 0xff;  //??

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