Newbie right now!

Are you new to 6502, NES, or even programming in general? Post any of your questions here. Remember - the only dumb question is the question that remains unasked.

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Newbie right now!

Post by BadFoolPrototype » Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:13 am

Hi NesDev community,
I'm new here and it was a pleasure to discover this forum...

I love the NES (I have one bought in 1990, and I still play these days with it!!!) and love NES emulation.

This summer it began to grow in me the desire of an emulator.
For my satisfaction and fun, only!

I began reading many resources around, studying emus (something like xnes, very useful) and now it's time to begin writing my own.

Let me ask you something: I want to develop something in C++ (only for my pleasure) but about the platform...I'm thinking about Windows. So to the to make the output of my emulator? DirectX, SDL? And the menus?

And be honest...I don't know where to begin from!
The only thing I've done is the CPU, with all the instruction coded and so the basic register and things done.
And then?

Which is the path to see my first intro?

Thanks in advice!

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Post by Laserbeak43 » Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:53 pm

"watches this topic"


you've done the CPU? cool, what resources did you use to try to create one?
Noob sticky!!
Please document this part of the NESdevWiki!! XD

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