Is this a real Famicom? And is it NTSC or PAL?

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Post by Xious » Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:44 am

Then Bregalad (Quickbeam/Hasty) is an accurate name for you, as frankly the notion of a month-old thread seeming too old to reopen is (to me) absurd. I participate in forums where threads over a year old are reopened all the time. In fact, to me a year of time isn't all that long, but I'm guessing that I’m probably a great deal older than most of the community here. Heck, often I don't even have the time to read the threads on a forum for over a month or more, while I work on various projects, as was the case last month.

As for whether or not you feel that I'll 'grow into this', I've been posting on BBSes, Usenet and forums for over 25 years, so it's not like I’m new at this, but I do have a completely different relativistic sense of time from you, seemingly. If you feel that re-opening a month old thread is digging, then just ignore my posts in those threads and don’t read anything older than one month, as it'll save you from wasting your time.

As to reopening a five-year-old thread, yes, I'd agree that it was ancient, but it is still one of the most recent threads on the FCdev board, which makes it (to me) active. I didn’t even notice the year of the thread until you pointed it out, as it was still on the first (and only) page of this board.

Regardless of its age, the information that I added was seemingly unknown by the rest of the community, else I suspect that someone would have mentioned it in the last five years, so I believe that it was informative and relevant to the spirit of this forum.

Did anybody else know how to identify a Hong Kong regional (official Nintendo) Famicom at a glance or that Nintendo made PAL FC units for HK? I don’t have a photo of the unit owned by the original poster, and this is why I always link images from my own server, as I know they will remain indefinitely static. I can always take photos of the JP and HK market versions side-by-side, but given that nobody seemingly appreciates the facts that I gave on the subject and instead you made it a case to passive-aggressively tear me a new blower—which I find to be very insulting and childish—I don’t know why I should bother.

For the record, the information that I added to this thread is handy for anybody buying a Famicom unit, as if it has the gold nameplate, then it's PAL and you should avoid buying it if you don’t want to modify it for use. I’d say that was pretty informative and relevant to the original post in this thread. Can you argue that? How many other folks knew that off the top of their heads?

I joined NesDev for the exchange of factual information and to both assist its members and potentially gain the aid of others in my own endeavors. I’ve been a tech and systems engineer for nearly 30-years, and I know a great deal about vintage video game and computer systems. I don't ask a lot in return for what I do, but I’m not a doormat, and if you have a problem with me, you should send me a PM rather than making an off-topic rant in a thread. Somehow, I think there is probably a forum rule about that.

It really comes down to the same simple point: if you don’t want to read reopened threads that are over a certain age, then don’t read them. I didn’t force you to do so and you can easily identify the longevity of a thread if you care about that sort of thing.

Bregalad wrote:
tepples wrote:"It is always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one."
Again, if it was always better, nobody should ever make new thread and the whole board should be compacted in a single thread. This makes no sense obviously, so this sentence is just wrong.

Yeah maybe I reacted too quick and exaggerated when posting what I post. However, I consider a thread to be 1-month old quite old, in fact if nobody posted for one-two weeks or so I consider a thread to be "finished". So digging a 1 month old or 5 year old thread are both digging to me.

And Celius is right that we all started to write retarded posts :p

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