Why no SNES homebrew scene?

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Re: Why no SNES homebrew scene?

Post by Oziphantom » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:47 pm

lidnariq wrote:
Oziphantom wrote:want it because they don't know 65816 and they don't know the SNES. So hooking up a C compiler from something else that then needs you to potentially modify images formats, make modifications to the output in ASM to make it work on the SNES due to its hardware quirks.
That set of requirements is not really any different from where the NES toolchain is right now...

From experience watching people come here using C on the NES, people don't seem to be too badly chagrined about having to look at the generated asm. They just want to program C first and foremost.

It's true that it'd be nice to have something like NESst; I don't know of an analog off the top of my head.

People don't need to write their own SPC700 drivers; they just need something similar to Famitone, that can play a soundtrack and sound effects.
Took me a while but I think I've worked it out...
IMG format as in for the disks, like a D64, ADF but whatever the Apple //gs emulators use, not as in PNG, BMP, IFF

You're talking about another issue ;)
dougeff wrote:
It's true that it'd be nice to have something like NESst [for the SNES]
It's on my TODO list to make one.
I would make a plugin for Pro Motion NG, its already got a tile engine, drawing engine, animation system and basically everything in Deluxe Paint V cranked to 15. It also has the abilty to set and enforce colour limits and pallete formats. It already has the SNES limits built in. It does export GB and GBA natively but not SNES as it post dates the SNES era. It has a plugin load/save system that could be used to convert its internal data into what ever external format one needs. For me it would be the 'Pro' way to do it.

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