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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:08 am 

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I've just found this txt file:

xband trick to dial directly.txt wrote:
As for "Spoofing" the modem into calling someone directly...
1> Check your Phone Options (?), and select "Do not wait for dialtone".
2> Leave the dial in number as is.
3> Plug your phone line (people still HAVE these things?) into the Xband, if you haven't already.
4> Pick up phone, ON THE SAME LINE (pick up a phone line splitter if you have to, they are about $3, or make one yourself, it's only CAT-3), dial your friend.
5> Dial your friend's HOME phone number.
6> Your friend should select "Wait for Incoming calls" (?) while you are performing step 5. IM or cell phones are great for setting this up.
7> After you finish pushing the last digit, tell your Xband to connect and look for players.
8> Enjoy (hopefully, I'm doing this from 10 year faded memory).

Theoretically, that kind of direct call connection should be still working (as it's bypassing the xband server). I have no idea if that trick is supposed to work on SNES version or Genesis version (or both). The batteries in X-band cartridges are reportedly worn out, so any patches in battery backed SRAM are probably lost (though there are a few 8-9 years old SNES xband SRAM dumps, which look as if they might contain old mariokart patches).
Anyways, Weaponlord (and maybe also Doom?) should be directly supported, without needing SRAM at all, so this should be still working without problems. Did anybody try that? Or could try?

PS. For the modem connection, analog phone line should work, and VoiP should probably work too (you may need to turn off compression though).
PPS. Also found some xband source code for Genesis version, which is revealing a lot of details about the Fred chip's I/O ports, and which seem to be more or less identical to the SNES versions I/O ports.
PPPS. Would be great if somebody could donate an X-band cartridge for research purposes (they aren't too expensive, but I don't even have that less money to spare).
PPPPS. Thanks to mupfelofen for pointing me on the xband source/txt/sram files.

EDIT: One possible problem, there appears to be no "Do not wait for dialtone" option in SNES version. Is that an option that exists in Genesis version only?

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