Change framerate of MSU-1 video?

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Change framerate of MSU-1 video?

Post by nadbmal » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:33 pm

I'm converting some videos to play on my SD2SNES, for fun.
I found a tutorial and have been using that, it works reasonably well. I made my own .bat file to make it more streamlined and easier. And it works pretty great!
The video player rom/.sfc it uses is one that ikari uploaded: ... 7#msg29007

However, one of the last steps of the guide mentions to hex edit the resulting MSU file bytes 02-04 to 02 02 01 in order to change the framerate to 30:


And this works, but I'm wondering: how do I change the framerate to something else, 24 fps for example?

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