New SNES game: Yo-Yo Shuriken [Cartridge+ROM]

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New SNES game: Yo-Yo Shuriken [Cartridge+ROM]

Post by drludos » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:56 pm

Hi everyone!

After a long and hard work both on the software and hardware front, I'm happy to announce you the release of my first SNES game: Yo-Yo Shuriken.
Defend the dojo!

Use your secret ninja weapon, the mighty "Yo-Yo Shuriken" to defeat the robot hordes and their deadly bosses.
Master the technique of throwing the shuriken to attack enemies from the front and then recalling it to hit them from behind! Focus your energy into the Yo-Yo Shuriken to deliver a powerful charged attack that can cut through several enemies at once!
- 7 levels of intense action!
- Solo and 2-player co-op modes!


The game is now available on cartridge with a beautiful cardboard box and a manual from Catskull Games:


!Black Friday Sale!

All the games from Catskull Games, including Yo-Yo Shuriken but also my previous Game Boy games (Sheep It Up! and DMG Deals Damage) are 10% off until December 2nd, 2019!
At checkout, enter the promo code BF2019 to get the discount!

The cartridge is made from newly built elements (PCB, shells, etc.) all designed and hand assembled in the US by Catskull himself. The cartridge is region-free. It has been tested and working on NTSC SNES, PAL SNES, JP SFC, and Analogue Super Nt. The box and manuals are also printed and hand assembled in the US, using materials that make them as close as possible to the original SNES releases from the 90's!

Also, you can also buy only the ROM of the game if you prefer to play it on emulator:

If anyone is wondering, the game is made 100% in C, using the wonderful PVSNESlib SDK (!

Whether you play it on real hardware or on emulator, I really hope you'll enjoy this game!

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