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Sufami Turbo

Post by Markfrizb » Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:16 am

I was recently asked about a little known Sufami Turbo game (Car Rangers) and I was intrigued on how this system worked. The Wiki on this system is here:
So I acquired a base and a few sub cartridges to research. Although I have Zero interest in making a reproduction of this system, the schematic PDF is drawn in modern terms, thus, the IC designators don't necessarily match, many parts, like the CIC, ROMs, SRAM, are listed in modern parts (not the OEM ones) or different packages (like Tsop packages) but the connections are still the same. Included in the sch are several notes about the unknown parts listed in the NOCASH documents, cartridge connections, etc....

Thumbnail of how this thing works: The Sufami Turbo (ST) has a bios rom that you don't really see unless there is no cartridge present.... the BIOS runs in the background at power on and then loads the sub carts. It's very much like a 1A3B mapper where the games have a max size of 1mB and the helper sub carts are all 512k in size.
Sufami Turbo connectors.pdf
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SCHEMATIC1 _ Sufami Turbo.pdf
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Ice Man
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Re: Sufami Turbo

Post by Ice Man » Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:22 am

Making repros out of these carts is very easy. I did Car Ranger long ago.

Basically you put the BIOS at beginning of the file and merge it with the game data to be put at address x1000000 thus resulting in a 1.5MB file.
They should be all LoROM anyway.

I have attached the IPS patches to be used on the original Sufami Turbo ROMs to convert them to standard SNES format.
Sufami Turbo Patches
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Sufami Turbo Patches
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