Sprite Limits

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Sprite Limits

Post by Oziphantom » Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:23 am

so 32 sprites per line. However there is also mentioned
256 sprite pixel and
34 "slivers"

34*8 != 256

So on a recent demo I ran it an issue where I was trying to get the "34" case, however MESEN clipped out at "33" I didn't have a chance to get an extra hardware test cycle in. But

What is the actual real figure and does it change on PAL/NTSC?

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Re: Sprite Limits

Post by lidnariq » Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:48 am

32 entries of OAM can be found on a scanline. If more are found, the first 32 are used.

34 8x1 pixel slivers of sprite data can be drawn on a scanline. If more are found, the last 34 are used. If a large sprite (e.g. 64 pixel wide) is the one that exceeds this amount, the leftmost slivers within that sprite are loaded.

I think. I forget if that's what tepples means when he says "frontmost" and "rearmost".

SFC wiki says I'm remembering correctly: https://wiki.superfamicom.org/sprites (scroll down to "Drawing the Sprites")

PAL/NTSC should be the same in this regard.

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