SNES-PS2 Controller converter

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SNES-PS2 Controller converter

Post by cd_vision » Tue May 06, 2008 1:49 pm

So I picked up this really great SNES arcade stick off Ebay, and my original plan was to rewire it with a PS2 pad hack, but it turns out the whole thing is glued together so I'd have to mess it up pretty good to do this.

I haven't found a commercially made SNES-PS2 converter, so has anyone seen schematics where I could make my own?

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Post by kyuusaku » Tue May 06, 2008 2:18 pm

I doubt there are schematics online for a converter, but there certainly are schematics for both elements of the converter.

SNES decoder:

PSX encoder:

Obviously this will only work with PS2 games that allow plain digital PSX controllers to be used though it might be easy to change the ID bits to identify the controller as a Dual Shock 2 though then it probably won't work with the PSX too.

Note: you don't need the 7407 on the SNES decoder since you aren't interfacing with an open collector bus as the circuit was intended for, nor do you really need a crystal oscillator or need the flip flop or need to use such a rare chip as the 74HC40103. I built a SNES decoder with just a 7400, 74161 and 2x 4094 including two of the NAND gates to make a RC oscillator.

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