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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:16 pm 
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I will add one comment regarding that slashdot related "way of doing things", which may not have much value but I will tell it anyway.

Since I always browsed slashdot lightly (recently) and I don't remember when the modding system started, I always felt that the system was just always getting in my way. What I mean is, now that I understand how it work, WHY do I have to let others decide what is supposed to be worth reading or not? I was always stuck to expand everything manually (didn't know about that option just mentioned before) and it was a pain in the butt. I just wanted to read every possible comments no matter what.

In brief, I don't want other people to decide what is supposed to be relevant or not to a thread. In a small community like ours, every mail could have some value, maybe except in the general forum. We have a small spam issue and that modding thing feels, I don't know how to say properly, a ego thing that I mod you down because I don't like what you said. In a small community like ours, it would just look like bitching at each other. It doesn't fix spam either.

Now back on the subject, there is no perfect way to handle spam. It will require someone that is willing to judge if the reason to write on nesdev is valid. I know people don't like to judge but the internet have changed unfortunately.

This mean we could require either a PM from the new user or at first they see the "welcome" forum where they must explain why they created their account then after they will be promoted to a normal user. This forum cannot be seen by bots (private) and normal users so any spam will not be indexed in search engines. There could be an invite system from well known user so people could be promoted faster too.

I know it's hard to judge someone from the get-go and you can let it some true spammer if they know what to write for their introduction but it would help filter the quick human spammer which can only post in the welcome forum. For the wiki this is easier since usually, if you want to write on the wiki, you are usually a nesdev user. I may be missing some potential user but since it's quite a niche subject, the risk is small. If that person really want to write on the wiki, they will figure out how to get in touch with nesdev first. And usually just by the user name, it's often quite easy to guess if it's a spammer on the wiki.

Some people may say "but that will delay new users to post! Blasphemy!". With the amount of post that we receive everyday... I think new users can understand that we just do that so the content on nesdev is at the least free of spam. It's not like we have 10000 new users with 1 millions posts everyday. In that case, it's a different ball game.

By the way, the count about mail, does it include PM too? Some people only do PM (or so I heard).

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:38 pm 
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Your opinions/sentiments about Slashdot pretty much mirror my own, Banshaku.

Back to phpBB stuff:

The counts shown were for actual forum posts (what you call "mail"), not private messages via the forum. There is no counter in the SQL table schema for number of PMs sent or received, only number of new PMs, unread PMs, and the last time a PM was sent (or read; not sure which).

If there are users who only use the PM functionality here, they would have to be classified as "users who have logged in within the past year". Otherwise there's no way to determine if they're an "active user" other than looking at the last time they logged in to the site.

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