Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting for 6502 and NESASM
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Author:  tragicmuffin [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting for 6502 and NESASM

I started messing with NES programming last month and along the way I tried to find a 6502 assembly syntax highlighting file to use in Notepad++, but the only ones I found were old links on this forum that don't work anymore. (Of course, as I'm about to post this, I scroll down and find DragonDePlatino's post about basically the same thing. Oh well :lol:)
So I ended up making my own, and I wanted to share it here for anyone that might find it useful.


I used NESASM3 to make my game, so I have a file that highlights directives and things for that, but I also included a general file that just highlights 6502 syntax.
If anyone would like highlighting for directives of a different assembler, send me a link to the assembler's commands and I'll make a separate file for it.


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