Karnov Inspector (FCEUX / Bizhawk / Mesen lua script)

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Re: Karnov Inspector (FCEUX / Bizhawk / Mesen lua script)

Post by rainwarrior » Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:54 am

Sumez wrote:The NES version is better because it's a buggy mess?

That's a really hot take, but I'll allow it :P
That doesn't seem too unusual to me, I can think of several games where the bugs were the most fun feature... though maybe it's unusual to like an NES port of an arcade game over the original. (Like I definitely don't feel this way about Bad Dudes, for example.)

A bug can break a bad part of a game and make it better, just maybe not as often as it can break a good part and make it worse.

Though a lot of it in this case is sorta outside the category of what I think of as a bug. Like the system here is designed to scroll in one direction at a time. That's weird, looks hacky, and has a lot of bizarre consequences for play, but it does seem to work exactly as intended in that respect.

Getting stuck inside a wall, or an enemy spawning on the wrong side of the screen due to it being improperly wrapped, those things I'd call bugs, but for the most part these seem rare or of low consequence. In my arcade playthrough I'd say I encountered at least as many things of this nature... though in the arcade context if I'd had to pay another quarter because of a bug... seems a bit worse of a problem there (but not one that matters now). There were a lot of things like terribly placed hitboxes, etc. that seemed just as bad in either version.

The constant enemy despawning on the NES, it definitely seems to be a a planned feature of the engine at least; it appears to be very careful about what it allows to appear on the screen together. That does conflict with the apparent design a lot, and makes a lot of enemy appearances feel "random", but maybe arguably this is "working as intended", at least from one side of the team. ...and the capacity of this game to surprise me was one of the things I really enjoyed about it.

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