How do you deal with lag's affect on tile spawning

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How do you deal with lag's affect on tile spawning

Post by IMAGICA » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:58 pm

Hello. I Have A question about Lag. When ever I Move my screen while It's lagging, It spawns weird tiles in specific places. Is there a way to Minimize this?

The way I tried Was to disable the NMI's Sprite and Tile loader When the code goes through this section

Code: Select all

 LDA tilestat
 AND #%00000010
 BEQ nocol
      ; sprite DMA from $0200

  JSR Dump   
  JSR AttDump
  LDA #$00
  STA $2003       
  LDA #$02
  STA $4014   
It's still Spawning them.
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