Ports of games to different mappers

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Ports of games to different mappers

Post by krzysiobal » Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:44 am

While dumping my cartridges I found that some of the games were ported to different mappers (mostly MMC1 -> MMC3), so I attach those patchs if somebody would need them (for example when making MMC3 multicarts).

Robocop 2 (J) [Mapper 4] [apply over Robocop 2 (J)].ips
(949 Bytes) Downloaded 113 times
Moe Pro! - Saikyou Hen (J) [hM23][p1] [Mapper 23] [apply over Moe Pro! - Saikyou Hen (J)].ips
(799 Bytes) Downloaded 113 times
Micro Machines [Mapper 2] [apply over Micro Machines (U).nes].ips
(39 Bytes) Downloaded 114 times
Chessmaster, The (U) [Mapper 4] [apply over Chessmaster, The (U)].ips
(9.57 KiB) Downloaded 113 times
Batman II [Mapper 25] [apply over Dynamite Batman (J)].ips
(1.22 KiB) Downloaded 115 times
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