Supervision 52-in-1 Menu ROM disassembly + Analysis of games

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Supervision 52-in-1 Menu ROM disassembly + Analysis of games

Post by chimaera » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:38 am

My work can be found at: ... isassemble

Included in this repository are a commented disassembly of the Supervision 52-in-1 menu ROM that will compile to a 1:1 copy of the menu ROM in ca65.
Most parts are commented, but some are not. Mostly because of my lack of understanding NES ASM.

I have also included a commentary/notes file called Supervision 52-in-1.txt where I list differences between between the multicart games and their originals. In this file, I have also added sections that describe how the menu boots its games, how to replace games and other misc information/data.
I have tried to include sources to other peoples work whenever I have used them.

There is also a directory with .ips patches for the original games (MD5 can be found in Supervision 52-in-1.txt) if you for any reason would like to patch them to be like the 52-in-1 variants instead. I have also included a patch that will turn all games on the cart to their originals, restoring copyright information and such.

At last, in the pcb directory, I have included traced images of nesrocks scans of the 72-pin, 1024kb version of the 110-in-1 cart, that shares the mapper of the 52-in-1. There are some untraced pins though that I cannot follow completly.

This is a passionproject I have worked with on and off for the last two years, and I think I have come to a point where all information is mostly complete and it is ready to be shared.

One thing I feel is incomplete though:
There are supposedly famicom pirate carts of Flappy (Credited to MANU WHIRWHIND) with a level select screen instead of a password screen.
There are also a Bomber Man hack that does the same.
Does anyone know if these pirate carts actually exists and if they have been dumped? I would like to complete the information with comparisons between these and the 52-in-1 versions, if they exist.

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