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 Post subject: Current best practices?
PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 7:13 am 

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After some gentle prodding I've renewed development of my old "Ophis" assembler[1]. Part of this work is building up some basic "header files" for the platforms I want to support. This, of course, includes the NES.

I've got two main questions as I work up the NES supporting materials:

First, is UNIF dead? I don't see much reference to it and the sample board lists in the UNIF standard don't directly match the board names in the text file that lists board names. It'd be neat to have a PRG-ROM/CHR-ROM pair and show how that can be wrapped in UNIF and headed by iNES without changing the "real code", but it would be kind of dumb to have a demo that does that wrong.

Second, when I was picking through the Atari 2600 technical data, I noticed heavily standardized names for all the IO registers ($02 is never called $02, but always WSYNC, for instance). The NEStech document and its followups don't seem to have those, just long names, and the source code snippets I'm used to seeing seem to all just hardcode $2002 and $2006 and friends directly. Is this still the way things are done or is there a decent set of mnemonics?

(I tried to come up with some decent mnemonics on my own, but good luck naming $4017 in a way that clearly captures what it's for :?)

[1] It's not quite stable enough to start pushing on its own, and it's very volatile right now, and I've gotten the impression that pretty much everyone's using ca65 these days, but if you're the sort of person who likes kibitzing about assemblers I welcome input.

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 8:07 am 
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The PPU register addresses have common names listed here:

I haven't seen names for the $4000 series registers.

I think people might forego the register names just because the NES really doesn't have many of them, so they're not that hard to remember by number.

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 8:22 am 
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First, is UNIF dead?

Can you find any ROMS? Lol, all things besides iNES are dead for a good reason.

And on the other registers, I call the PPU regs basically by what they go by in the wiki, or close to that. 4016 I have as "ControllerOutput", and the APU I don't really have names as I haven't messed with it much, but I think there's some names that can be made for then, like


And just replace the names, I believe that's how I tried to name them myself a few weeks ago starting out messing with the APU more.

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