New test ROM: Color Bars

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New test ROM: Color Bars

Post by Quietust » Sun Sep 19, 2004 11:22 pm

Based on Mark Knibbs's 'Colour Bars' demo (which, incidentally, does not work on real hardware), comes an improved palette test program.
Eight consecutive colors are displayed on the screen at once, selectable by pressing Left/Right. Numbers at the top of each column indicate the palette index for each color. The top half of the screen always shows the colors as-is, while the bottom half allows enabling color emphasis (selected by pressing Up/Down, with status indicated in the first column) and/or grayscale mode (toggled by pressing Select). Sprites can be hidden and unhidden by pressing Start.

The ROM can be found at my NES site. It has been tested successfully on Kevin Horton's CopyNES.
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Post by Segmented » Sun Sep 19, 2004 11:23 pm

Yay, a good way to test emulators and actual hardware, thanks! :)
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Post by blargg » Mon Sep 27, 2004 8:37 am

I assembled and tested the color bar demo on my dev cart (NTSC NES) and it appears to work. It's nice and colorful.

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