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 Post subject: Scrolling Text Snippet
PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:32 pm 
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I've been cooking up something for the Gameboy, and while it's just a few fades and a main menu, already I have learned tons of stuff. Bank switching is actually alright on the GB, for one.

Anyway, I want to at least share something with you all (having been absent for a while now), so here's my code for scrolling text. You call it like this: (macro)

print_text: macro
  ld hl,\3 ; the text
  ld bc,bank(\3) ; the text bank
  ld de,_SCRN0+\1+(SCRN_VY_B*\2) ; \1 is x, \2 is y
  call f_print_text ; do it!

and here's the code: (note, you need these lovely defines)

line_nl = $fe
line_end = $ff
line_length = 32

section "wram", wram0
counter:: db

; wait for vblank
section "wait_vblank", rom0
  ldh a, [rSTAT-$ff00]
  and 2 ; unimportant bytes
  jr nz, wait_vblank

section "f_print_text", rom0
  ; set line counter
  push hl
  ld hl,counter
  ld [hl],line_length
  pop hl
  ; set bank
  ld a,c
  ld [$2000],a
  call wait_vblank
  ld a,[hl+] ; get a byte
  push af
  ld a, [counter]
  dec a ; lower line counter
  ld [counter],a
  pop af
  cp line_nl ; is it time for newline?
  jr z, .newline ; yep.
  cp line_end ; is it done?
  ret z ; yes, we're done.

  add $6f ; this is assuming the text tiles are $70 higher than the raw data text
  ld [de],a
  inc de
  halt ; wait a bit!
  halt ; wait some more!
  ; the last frame is only called
  ; if a is pressed...
  ; that functionality works, but is
  ; not wanted just yet.
  ;call controller
  ;bit PADB_A,a
  ;jr nz,.ext_halt
  halt ; keep waiting!
  jr .loop
  ld a, [counter]
  ld b,a
  xor a
; fill until next line
  xor a
  ld [de],a
  inc de
  dec b
  jr nz, .nl_loop
  ld a, line_length
  ld [counter],a
  xor a
  jr .back

An example of some text could be:

db "hello this is nicklausw", line_nl
db "and i do not tap dance", line_end

It would be called like this:
print_text 0, 0, the_text

and would print on the screen as such:

hello this is nicklausw
and i do not tap dance

note that the gameboy screen probably isn't big enough for the width of that text.

If you do not want the text to scroll, then easy, just remove the halts to keep from pausing. Maybe replace one of them with a "call wait_vblank" to make sure things don't mess up with vblank and all that.

The code might be a little sloppy, but it works for me. I'll probably cook up a little demo to show it off in action soon.

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