Automated GBS ripper!

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Automated GBS ripper!

Post by SuperWill24 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:09 pm

Note that I did not make this tool. I found this on some website in 2015, which was mirrored from a now-dead(?) website from 2010.

What I have here is GBGBS, a which claims to be able to rip music (and most times sound effects) from Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs, and it truly is capable of it.
Basically, you open a ROM, set the appropriate data, and click the "GBS" button on the bottom right-hand corner. Yes, it's that easy! There's also a "BGM" tab as well which allows you to add or remove sound effects, as well as change the song order.

However, this tool does have some drawbacks, which are glaring to the majority of us. This tool was made by a Japanese person, so the application is entirely in Japanese, so it's very hard for non-Japanese speakers to navigate through. As well as this, this tool ONLY works with Japanese ROMs, including games released in Japan (no Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, for instance), and this will also only work with licensed games, so you can't rip Jurassic Boy 2, for instance.

Despite these flaws, this is a truly revolutionary tool which is capable of ripping most of the entire catalog of Japanese Game Boy and Game Boy Color games (only a small number of games are not supported). In fact, there may even be some games on the list which currently lack a GBS rip! You can also rip other region versions of the supported games (assuming the sound data and offsets are identical) by setting the data to the Japanese version (which as I said, is quite hard to tell if you're not Japanese).

Included in this tool is a list of games which are and are not supported, in Japanese and (poorly translated) English. I really mean poorly translated - Rod fairy tale land? I think that's supposed to be RodLand. Although there is no real source code, while looking through the files, I can also see that there is a DAT file where the tool gets all of its games and their offsets and everything from, which should be very useful.

Seeing as we have this cool tool, and have the DAT giving us some useful information, maybe we could develop another tool which works in the same way, but is in English and also works with non-Japanese (US and European) games, and also possibly supports unlicensed games. This is already a useful tool which I don't even think most GBS rippers even know exist.
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Re: Automated GBS ripper!

Post by MrNorbert1994 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:50 am

I tried to fussle with this thing, but it sure doesn't rip SFXs from European composers. :/

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