Need help with ripping PCM data!

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Need help with ripping PCM data!

Post by SuperWill24 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:40 pm

This is kind of related to this topic: viewtopic.php?t=6557
So, I am working on extracting samples from ROMs for a number of consoles, especially the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. However, there are two in particular I am having trouble with.
My current method I am using involves using the following program:

Using this program, I can convert an entire ROM with 4-bit PCM to an unsigned 8-bit WAV at the correct frequency. Using Wavosaur, I can then manually locate each sample and split it. This process works well for most games, and I have managed to extract some of them. Additionally, the majority of games have a visible "click" between samples, making it easy to tell exactly where each sample starts and ends.
However, I am having trouble extracting samples from two games. The first is Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown. I can find where the samples are located, but unfortunately, there don't seem to be any "clicks" between samples, and it's confusing how exactly the samples are separated, especially considering a lot are "8-bit" sounding sounds, the sounds in-game are hard to hear for some reason, and there also seem to be a lot of unused samples as well.
From what I know, this game uses a sound engine called "MusyX", which I believe is the same format used in the Harry Potter games and The Mummy Returns. However, while I can find MusyX sample extractors for the Nintendo 64 and GameCube, I can't find anything for the Game Boy/Color or Advance. Using a hex editor, I can find what looks like a sample table before the samples. I believe that the only reliable way to extract samples from this game would be to use the sample table, which I think I have found. However, I cannot make out exactly what each pointer means.

The other is Cannon Fodder. This game uses a different PCM format, and all the game's audio is PCM. However, it's hard to tell how the samples are separated, or if any has a "click" between each sample or not. I am especially confused if the game's intro theme is just one very long sample or split into many small parts. Like the other game, I have found what seems to be a sample table, but I am confused as to how it works, or even if it's the sample table.

Could anyone help with these two games? I am especially interested in the first game. If someone could write a script to dump each sample, or something like that, then it would be appreciated. I have attached what seems to be the sample table followed by the actual sample data for both games below.
Possible sample tables with PCM
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