RGBDS 0.3.9 released

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RGBDS 0.3.9 released

Post by ISSOtm » Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:54 pm

This year's release of RGBDS, 0.3.9, is out! Notable features include
  • Better error reporting should allow for better debugging
  • Proper support for multiple charmaps, for those who use different encodings
  • A new color profile for rgbgfx, closer to the GBC
  • A lot of new bug fixes
  • Hopefully nothing was broken, but the bug fixes might
Downloads and full changelog: https://github.com/rednex/RGBDS/releases/v0.3.9

I would recommend updating if you're using charmaps, as a feature has been deprecated and warning added for it; it's not planned to be kept in the next release.

By the way, the plan for the next release is to be 1.0.0, with a lot of changes, including potentially breaking ones. Changelog seems already promising!
If anything major is reported before it, a "0.3.10" will be released, so please report any bugs you encounter.
Issues and feature requests welcome at https://github.com/rednex/rgbds/issues
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