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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:17 pm 
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Hey Folks,

This is an old series of Instructional videos I did a couple years ago, that show you how to build a Gameboy Flash cartridge.

It's all based on Reiner Ziegler's designs from back in the day.
It's a Step by Step set of videos and I also have a PDF procedures document that you can download to help you through it.

All of you have probably already seen them, but I had a huge load of hate mail sent to me in the past because of my bad stuttering in the video.
i.e. (Ughhh...Ughhh...and....Ughhhh)

So I re-recorded all the audio narration on these videos and I have re-posted the instructional videos on YouTube for everyone.

Hope these videos are better than the last set.

Hers is Video #1 of the set. (The PDF Procedures doc is available on my Website Link below)

Gameboy Flash Cart Video #1:

My Website Gameboy Page:

Kind Regards,
Gerry O'Brien

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:09 am 
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I recently built a couple of these for fun. The first one I did was I wired up a free mbc1 cart to an eprom socket and that worked fine. I did that after finding a pinout for the mbc1 maskrom and noticing it matches eprom wiring. Once I pulled it off, knowing that I can build these I decided to look into making a better one. Next I read around the internet and found this:

Written by Gerry (I assume you're the same person). This says that zelda dx is the ultimate donor so I built another one out of zelda dx, again with an eprom socket (I'd rather have my chip socketed, plus I can go up to larger sizes than 512k without rewiring). Also with this zelda dx version I fixed a lot of mistakes I made with my first attempt. This eprom cart works fine too, runs anything and saves your game (I relocated the battery as well so it's easy to swap).

Gerry has been super helpful over e-mail explaining that the mbc5 is backward compatible with all previous mbc chips. Something to note is using the 32 pin maskrom wiring of the zelda dx cart will only support up to 8mbit eproms. I asked my gameboy color enthusiast friend and he says the largest gb / gbc roms are 32mbit. For 16 / 32 mbit eproms I'd have to wire up unconnected pins to the mbc5, also I'd need to build an adapter since the pinout changes for larger eproms.

As you can see in this guide:

Wiring up a 32mbit flash chip requires a lot of rewiring, and you need to restore unused connections to the mbc5 chip since the donor cart isn't wired for larger maskroms. It's good to know the limitations and different options for these carts. If you're okay with just flash then you probably want to wire in a 32mbit flash chip. It's also possible to use eproms / eeproms in these carts if you prefer.

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