Adapting small bitmap fonts to TTF
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Author:  lidnariq [ Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adapting small bitmap fonts to TTF

tepples wrote:
'w' (I feel like the bitmap version implies something curvy on the sides)
Sketch out the curves you see and I'll play with that.
Here's the w I see when I look at the bitmap:
w.png [ 896 Bytes | Viewed 541 times ]

Ctrl+Shift+U 2 6 1 Enter
Neither firefox, abiword, nor gimp obey that. rxvt-unicode does honor C-S-261, though.

Here's the bitmap glyph I was trying to represent
But in the previews you give of the bitmap form of Base Seven, you don't use the closed g.

the 'fi' ligature's kerning is substantially tighter than other letter pairings
That's one of the problems with working with quantized advance widths. If I widened 'fi' by one pixel, it would appear no different from fi with no ligature.
I was pointing out how the f's hook extends so far into the next letter that the place where it touched the dot of the i, there was this little chasm. I was hoping for a more deliberate touching there.

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