Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"
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Author:  tepples [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

Recently my cousin mentioned the misreading of my name by Cowering (or someone else who maintains the GoodNES database).

The "YEPPICK" problem arose from a build of a snake game I released in the early 2000s whose CHR ROM had an alphabet in insular script, commonly associated with the Irish language but also used for Anglo-Saxon (Old English). One form of the letter 'r' in insular script is 'ꞃ', which somewhat resembles the roundhand cursive form of 'p'. This thread on a fountain pen forum discusses open 'p'.

I even found one scholarly reference that nails the "YEPPICK" problem. From Palaeographia Latina, edited by Wallace Martin Lindsay, page 39:

Statistics on the use of "open" 'p' have not yet been collected (except that in Beneventan script only close 'p' is reported), but it appears that a very open form of 'p' is a mark of antiquity, as in "Introd" facs. 142 (from the Anglo-saxon minuscule of the Moore Bede, written c. 773, with 'p' often dangerously like Insular 'r'.

That's why when I made another insular pixel font three years ago, I chose the less confusing forms for 'r' (ʀ not ꞃ) and 's' (s not ꞅ), both of which are attested in insular script, but retained the distinctive insular forms for "d f g t" (ꝺ ꝼ ᵹ ꞇ). I don't have the old snake game handy, but here's the 2014 insular font:
insular2014.png [ 5.34 KiB | Viewed 2894 times ]

Incidentally, the name Mackenzie derives from a similar misreading, in this case reading yogh (ȝ), a letter derived from a form of 'g', as a tailed 'z' (ʒ). In Middle English and Middle Scots, it represented several sounds now spelled as 'g', 'y', 'gh', or 'ch' as in "Bach", especially the 'ugh' sounds in "dough" and "laugh" that have mutated or dropped out in modern English. "Coinneach" is the Scottish Gaelic form of the name Ken, where "MacCoinnich" means "son of Ken". It mutated to "Makenȝie" in Scots, which was supposed to be pronounced "Makenyie" but ended up misread as "Mackenzie".

There's a "TERRICK" floating around as well, presumably from a misreading of a capital Y with a shallow valley as a T.

Author:  gauauu [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

Whatever you say, DJ Temples.

Author:  FrankenGraphics [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

Classic example of something similar: Ye olde tavern.

Where y is just a misread futhark rune for "th" - Þ

Author:  rainwarrior [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

That does look like an easy mistake to make:
Nibbles by Damian Yeppick (PD)-0.png
Nibbles by Damian Yeppick (PD)-0.png [ 3.26 KiB | Viewed 2876 times ]

Did you ever make a GORILLAS.BAS?

Author:  tepples [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

rainwarrior wrote:
That does look like an easy mistake to make:

Only if you read the fine print of your "wappanty" when you install a new "ppogpam". I mistakenly thought at the time that people would be able to reason from the appearance of the same letters in other words.

If the screen had used the 2014 font, it'd've looked like the second and fourth rows:
program_insular.png [ 570 Bytes | Viewed 2837 times ]

But then the larger x-height creates a problem with the pair 'r' and 'k', similar to the problem with 'h' and 'n' in the font that comes with my VWF engine. These pairs aren't as much of a big deal in running English text, just in names.

Nor do they create any sort of problem in Irish because Irish uses 'c' instead of 'k', and insular script denotes a lenited consonant with a dot above rather than 'h' after. An Irish display engine would probably resemble one for Japanese kana, where the character occupies the bottom half of an 8x16 cell and the top half holds a double tick for voicing or ring for fortition.

rainwarrior wrote:
Did you ever make a GORILLAS.BAS?

No, but Chris Covell did, and it's on Double Action 53 under the name "Solar Wars". My involvement was limited to porting it to UNROM back when the menu couldn't handle CNROM.

But would the gorilla game run on a white Lite? No, you need at least a DSi to run Petit Computer.

Author:  Dwedit [ Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaelic type and "YEPPICK"

Woof Woof Yerrier.

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