Videos etc that make good primers for budding nes artists
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Author:  FrankenGraphics [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Videos etc that make good primers for budding nes artists

I just thought i should share these three:

8-bit guy's "How "oldschool" graphics worked Part 1 - Commodore and Nintendo"; at 7 minutes.
A short, concise and informative primer that could serve really well getting an artist who might have done 8bit graphics in loose terms into the more technical mindset.

Second part of the same. Talks a bit about apple graphics, and perhaps more importantly, cpu driven graphics/effects. Not the first thing you need to know, but could still be helpful.

Ahoy's "brief history of game graphics", an ambitious 44 minute infographic with lots and lots of inspirational examples. The first half is especially relevant and could serve as orientation for artists getting into retrodev. It also returns to modern indie games later on. A few unnecessary opinions here and there, but well produced and purposeful overall:

If you are a dev and looking to work with an artist outside these boards, these three might be handy to reference to. Anyone got something similar? It doesn't have to be videos, either.

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