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Author:  Bregalad [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:48 am ]
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Yes you are completely right. When I says hopefully it's real, I was actually thinking hopefully it's real and will be released one day. My fault for not saying it correctly. There have been so many hack announcements that were eventually canceled, for a large palette of reasons. This is why I never put really faith in romhacking anymore, altough I've seen some good hacks, mostly Mega Man and Castlevania 1 hacks, and also that Breat of Fire II retranslation.

Author:  Celius [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:54 am ]
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Disch wrote:
It's not just the forest backgrounds in that video that get me. Did you guys look at some of the ground tiles? The patches of rock on the forest floor, and the 16x16 blocks on the screen with the mountain background. Absolute beauty.

Yeah, earlier I posted how I thought those were the best part of the background. It honestly reminds me of the underground cave areas in Symphony of the Night on PlayStation. The use of black in both the terrain and forest background really makes the whole thing look absolutely amazing. Like I said before, these are the kinds of graphics I dreamed of having in my game, but I didn't think they were possible. I am officially inspired.

And yeah, I think there's enough "evidence" that it isn't fake. It looks possible when looking at it up close, and with all the things you posted, I think it's safe to assume it's real.

I really want to see more of this! I think there's a lot they could do with the towns, making great details on the bricks and stuff. There's A LOT of room for improvement on areas with water. I always thought the water looked like garbage. I'm also curious to see what they would do with the sprites, if anything.

I was also wondering, is this supposed to be the day or night time forest? It seems really dark, but it seems like it could just be a dark/evil day or something.

Author:  HJRodrigo [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:15 am ]
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Celius, I bet you could do good graphics like those too. I like the work you did for your avatar. The only possible critic I have is maybe you can design that boss character in a way that allows you to use a different palette for the horns, especially if he is the big boss. I think it is okay for the common enemies to look monotone, but i think big bosses look better with more color. :idea: Maybe have a palette for the head that has orange and green in it, so his horns can be green and maybe his eyes too. Then you can do a neat effect of having his horns and eyes flash each time you hit him :P

But that is just a passing thought, the boss character still looks cool.

Author:  Bregalad [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:08 am ]
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No offence to him - but his avatar is just a rip off of Castlevania games, so it's not his work (he just reducted the numbers of colors of it I think). Altough the character attacking the boss is by him, and his portrait looks awesome (he posted it in another thread).

Author:  Celius [ Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:16 pm ]
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I appreciate the compliments, thank you :)! But it's true, I merely "Nintendoized" the image of Dracula from Symphony of the Night. It did take a lot of work though. I not only had to reduce the number of colors, I had to scale it down to fit exactly into a certain amount of tiles. If you look near the toes and the lower legs, you can see some pieces look like they may have ended abruptly. This is because needed to cut out some tiles to have it fit into $7F tiles. This is mainly so I can fit both the graphics of the boss facing left and right in one pattern table, as it's part of the BG. I feel like I could do a decent job of taking detailed images and scaling them down to work on the NES. So I guess if I had some good, detailed terrain samples to start with, I could Nintendoize them pretty well.

And actually, I did use a separate palette for the horns! I guess it looks like the same color scheme, and I seem to remember trying out different colors for it. It wasn't quite successful, however. But I agree; if bosses are going to be really big and the main focus, they should be detailed with more than one palette.

I did, however, straight-up make the character attacking the boss... Nothing spectacular, but I like it. The portrait Bregalad is talking about, I recently posted here:

Third post down from the top. You can also see the Nintendoization of another painting I did in that post. I have to confess, I think the Nintendoization is way better than the painting itself! These could both use some work, particularly in highlights. But otherwise, I think they look decent.

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