Checkerboard flickering shenanigans
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Author:  Macbee [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checkerboard flickering shenanigans

Drag wrote:
Macbee wrote:
What happens when you use a horizontally-stretched checkerboard pattern?

For instance, two columns for every row, or three columns for every row:

xx  xx
  xx  xx
xx  xx

xxx   xxx
   xxx   xxx
xxx   xxx

This seems like it'd be a good compromise between the two methods.

Nice suggestion Drag! I've tried it and the results are good.
There are noticeable artifacts on background - but it's hard to see them on Iceman's body (where similar colors are flickered). Sretched checkerboard patterns looks better (than regular checkerboard ones) when using composite cables IMO.


I'm attaching 3 Iceman roms here - each one made with a different flickering technique (lines, checkerboard and stretched checkerboard).

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