I come bearing SEO for your cc65/ca65 open source projects

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Re: I come bearing SEO for your cc65/ca65 open source projects

Post by aa-dav » Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:32 pm

In this year I wrote series of programming lessons using IDE Nesicide with CA65 project type.
However they are written in russian because there is not enough lessons in russian: http://hype.retroscene.org/blog/967.html.
So I didn't plan to translate in english lessons themselves.
But lessons are paired with Example Projects which I tried to make fully self-documented in comments.
In fact a lot of text in comments are just repetition of lessons text.
Github https://github.com/aa-dav/NESExamples
I started to translate them to english and this can be seen in "eng" folder.
However I doubt if it could add a significant profit to existing english resources. So I freezed it.
But if there willl be positive feedback I will continue translation and there could be another useful link.
Examples cover topics:
1. simple background scrolling using gamepad
2. sprite abilities
3. zero-sprite hit for simple (and a little bit glitchy like in Bomberman) horizontal scrolling
4. Music and sounds using Famitone2 library (including fixing a little hidden bug in it)
5. Mapper MMC3 - using page switching and crossing page boundaries procedure calls
6. MMC3 - HBlank interrupt handler for fullscreen fullly pixel-unique image output
7. MMC3 - HBlank interrupt handler for implementing panel bar with fully scrolled backgrouing using gamepad

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