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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:18 am 
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My team and I (three people) are working on a new game:

It will be a top-down action adventure with screen-by-screen scrolling, i.e. similar to "The Legend of Zelda".
We will also use the RPG/adventure-typical medieval fantasy world setting.

My main motivation for this game is to have a game with a real story.

In "The Legend of Zelda", you basically have no plot apart from your initial task.

And "Final Fantasy" isn't much different: It starts promising with the rescue of the princess being just one chapter. But then it's back to mostly pure gameplay again.
Sure, there are some side quests, but it still seems like the world is frozen in time.

For example, you enter the next town and they tell you that pirates have invaded. But that's just a static situation. Have the pirates just arrived? Have they been there for days? You don't know and it doesn't matter. Because the pirates attacking the town is represented by nothing but a single pirate sprite that leads to a battle. And that's it.

We want to do a game where the story actually develops during the game.

From a technical viewpoint, it is still a fixed storyline, i.e. I'm not talking about influencing major parts of the plot by making different decisions or something like that.

But the way the story is told is intended to represent a living world.

You encounter a bad guy and rescue someone from him.
Afterwards, the rescued person tells you why the bad guy attacked him and what the bad guy wanted to get. Since you thwarted the bad guy's plan, your next task is now to do certain things to make sure that the bad guy doesn't get what he's after.

So, the story is not just: "The bad guy sits in his castle. Find the four magical items, so that you can defeat him."
The story is built-up as you go along. Not just in a way that the main character learns about all the plot-relevant situations that are already there, but also in a way that the situations aren't really there to begin with.

Taking our above example: When you rescue that person, the bad guy obviously hasn't found what he's looking for. So, the player has no way of knowing how the plot will continue and what the bad guy will do next. (Unless he has already played the game because, as I said: The story is not intended to actually be dynamic from a technical point of view, only that the tale is written like that. But it's still the same story with every playthrough.)

Creating the game will still take a while until it is finished.

I'm working on the game's engine, so that every piece of data can later be included as simple arrays of constants, i.e. designing the world and the game's script will not require any further programming anymore.

Graphics are done by the same graphics designer as for "City Trouble".
"City Trouble" was designed to look like a 1985-era game, i.e. the primitive look was entirely intentional. If you doubt the artist's abilities, just have a look at the game's box artwork that was also drawn by her. But our new game will have a similar graphics style as the NES RPGs where characters are 16 x 16 pixels big:
"Final Fantasy", "Legend of the Ghost Lion", "Tower of Radia", "Just Breed" etc. or also "Secret of the Stars" for the Super Nintendo.
But our style will not look like "The Legend of Zelda" or "Dragon Warrior".

Music is done by a new composer. Unlike last time, our current composer is not a hired artist from the internet, but part of our core group since we know her personally and we all three always spend time together during lunch break.

Story, concept etc. is done by all three of us.

Alright, and now my question to you:

Would anybody be interested to read the game's story? We want to have a sound plot without any plot holes or where things only work out because certain people behave in stupid ways.

For example: Can anybody tell me why the Dark Lord in "Final Fantasy Adventure" needed the amulet to go up the waterfalls to the Mana Tree, even though he has a fucking airship and a giant eagle that takes commands and a wizard that can teleport? Because that's exactly the kind of stupid oversights that we want to avoid.

But please be aware: I will only send the story to people who are actually willing to give me a real review and to look for stupid or badly-written stuff.
If your only reaction will be: "Nice read. Can't wait until the game is finished", don't bother. I want actual feedback.

If you just want to wish me luck or have a general chat about the game or some questions, you are welcome to write anything into this thread.
But people who ask me to send them the complete outline of the plot: I expect them to write me some suggestions afterwards.

The plot outline is five pages in Word, with Times New Roman 10pt.

So, if anybody is interested in reviewing the plot, write me.

And for any general questions or comments: I'm looking forward to hear from you here in the thread.

Available now: My game "City Trouble".
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