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Simulated Processor Project

Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:57 pm
by clbx
Hi NesDev

For the past few months my partner and I have been working on a project for school in which we developed a home-brew simulated processor that works similarly to the 6502 found in the NES. I've been posting the project as many places as I can in an effort to get feedback both on code-quality and the design the processor architecture itself. This forum being filled with tons of people knowledgeable about the subject of the project, would be a good place to post

The goal of the project was just to make our own processor architecture, now we're branching out in how to make things for the system that would allow its to work as a computer of the time or like the NES, writing software for it.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!

Link to project: