ESCAPE FROM FLOODED CAVE 48 hour gamejam entry

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ESCAPE FROM FLOODED CAVE 48 hour gamejam entry

Post by bonedisk » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:10 am

Hi everyone! I've been playing around a little with some nesdev lately and a community I'm in had a gamejam, so I thought it'd be a good time to see what I could do in 48 hours. Because of the time limit and my limited experience with the nes I used C & neslib. It's a simple adventure game, walk around a 'dungeon', avoid a few dangers, solve a couple of puzzles and then get out. My 5 year old son likes it, so that's something.

I'd liked to have made the map a bit more 'alive' with more varied tiles and some little harmless critters wandering around, but as it was I spent half my time trying to work out why enabling music was causing mad glitches in my game. Eventually worked out that shiru's famitone2 library was using an overlapping memory region with rest of the game. Obvious in hindsight but not a class of problem I've experienced before.

Also, I made the game within 8bitworkshop's web based IDE, which has a lot of advantages for the beginner, and disadvantages too. In particular the sprite editor is a pain, but it sure beats typing in image bytes by hand.

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