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Hey everyone,
I'm a bit of a chip music junky and I like collecting various software to compose music. I prefer MML (music macro language) for composing music. For those who don't know, MML is basically a system of composing music in a text file and then running that text file through a compiler to make the appropriate music file.

Over the years I've been collecting various tools that use some variant of MML. I've admittedly not played with all of the ones I have. Mostly because some of them are difficult to set up. I'm not a tech savvy person who knows how to make the harder stuff work! I'd like to, though. A friend of mine who collects MML stuff like I do has had to help me with some of it, so please bare with me if I seem painfully ignorant of some things. Anyway I figured I'd' make a thread on the topic of MML.

Here are the MML tools I know of, and my thoughts where applicable. I'm not including midi converters though.
Mck/ppmck, for nes. Pretty cool overall and gives you a lot of versatility but doesn't look like it'll be updated for a while, and lacks some stuff I'd like such as simpler instrument and effect management.
Xpmck, for a bunch of formats: Cool because of the versatility, but limiting when it comes to musical stuff. Afaik only certain note lengths are supported, vibrato is broken, and other limitations mentioned in the documentation. Haven't done a lot with the program though, so I can't speak too much from experience.
Vgmck, for a lot of the sound chips in the vgm format: I could only get this to work somewhat. I read that it is in an incomplete state.
AddmusicK, for SMW (snes): I actually really like this one. It's a little rough in places especially with its hex commands and a few other things, but I think it's the best composition tool for the SPC700 that's available at the moment, and it does give you a lot of power if you have patience.
That's all I've tried, so here's a list of the ones I have either heard of, or have lying around but haven't tried yet.
FMP, can't remember the sound chips exactly, but the chips support ssg, fm and pcm playback. It's a custom format with its own player
Mgsc, I think for MSX, supports psg, OPL and Konami sCC
Husic, for PC Engine/tg16
Mxdrv and Madrv, both based on the same compiler but former is for x68K, and latter is for GBA

I've been perusing the Nesdev forums for a little while and heard of a few others, but haven't gotten around to taking a serious look at them.
nsdl and Pently, both for nes
AmigaMML, to create .mod and .xm files. Really want to play with this one because I love low fi sampler stuff even more than psg/wavetable/fm.

That's it for me. What are your thoughts? Is there a more appropriate place to discuss?

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