DSi unlaunch (bootcode exploit)

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Re: DSi unlaunch (bootcode exploit)

Post by Pk11 » Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:55 pm

Would you be able to add loading the background gifs from the SD card? On Discord some people realized you could replace the gif in the installer and then you could use a custom background, but it would be nice if you could add loading say "sd:/unlaunch/top.gif" and "sd:/unlaunch/bottom.gif" or something like that (or just one gif for both would be fine too). Or maybe add a file selector for custom gifs similar to the autoboot keys, I'm fine however you'd prefer to do it, just it would be a nice feature to have.

Also, while I'm asking about things, would you be able to add options for re-enabling sound and the boot animation in the options menu? Most people who uninstall do it to get those back so it would be nice if they didn't have to uninstall for that...

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Re: DSi unlaunch (bootcode exploit)

Post by rob64bits » Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:58 pm

nocash wrote:
Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:05 pm
Just released unlaunch.dsi v1.0. The unlaunch exploit bypasses the DSi's official launcher (boot menu & healthsafety screen), and does instead allow to boot your own software from SD card slot, almost instantly after power up. That, with full access rights to all hardware registers.
Alongsides, I've also uploaded two more updates: no$gba v2.9a (gba/nds/dsi emulator/debugger) and wifiboot v2.2 (for wifi uploading software from pc to dsi). Links are found on the above webpage - using that three projects together is giving a nice development environment (eg. use unlaunch to boot wifiboot, and then wifi upload your homebrew dsi software from no$gba to dsi).

Code: Select all

unlaunch.dsi v1.0 - 24 Jul 2018
 - co-releases: no$gba v2.9a and wifiboot v2.2
 - webpage: new unlaunch.htm page, with more installation info, new forum, etc.
 - speedup: uses DMA for SD/MMC-read, SDIO-write, and AES-read/write, ROM read
 - rearranged EXMEMCNT init, ensures ARM9 IPC IRQ enabled before waiting for it
 - installer: uses fill_copy_list (instead of relying on carthdr copy in ram)
 - installer: stores no$gba footer at eMMC offset FF800h (if it's zerofilled)
 - installer: omits FAT writing if FAT unchanged (as so on unlaunch updating)
 - installer: disables BPTWL powerbutton auto-reset during install_now
 - sdmmc/sdio: removed pre-wait and soft-timeouts, instead checks hw error bits
 - initializes SOUNDBIAS (maybe better in case games don't do that themselves)
 - moved GIFs to separate non-lz77 memory block (avoid double compression)
 - verifies camera chip id and emmc cid/csd with warning if unknown hardware
 - added Y button hotkey: load NDS/DSi title from ROM-cartridge slot
 - rom loader: cartpower, romctrl, 4004012h/14h, load chip id and secure areas
 - rom speedup: uses 1000h-byte blocksize for faster 1t-rom loading
 - rom speedup: forces fast mrom timings for mrom carts with wrong cart header
 - rom speedup: forces less slow 1t-rom timings for actual 1t-rom carts
 - rom speedup: forces reduced secure area delay of 8ms for 1t-rom carts
 - rom speedup: uses slot-swap-reset-trick (instead slow power-off/on)
 - rom speedup: crops hardcoded cart power-on delays to 1ms/1ms/0ms/1ms
 - more accurate modcrypt (old was overcomplicated, and bugged on size=0)
 - supports place_aes_keys (maybe needed for jpg/camera or verdata stuff)
 - sets POSTFLG register (needed for NDS titles like EragonDemo, DownloadPlay)
 - moved twlcfg/wlfirm/hwinfo elsewhere (reloc to 2000400h only for DSi titles)
 - resumes default BPTWL powerbutton mode (unless when booting nds-titles)
 - enter_nds_mode: reloc 2FFFxxxh to 23FFxxxh, set 4MB-RAM, NDS-ROM, ARM9 67MHz
 - enter_nds_mode: set NDS-TSC-touchscr mode, init NDS-Wifi, NDS-SNDEXCNT

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wifiboot v2.2 - 24 Jul 2018
 - renamed asm source/binaries from dslink+dswifi to wifiboot+wificore
 - rearranged EXMEMCNT init, ensures ARM9 IPC IRQ enabled before waiting for it
 - adjusts BPTWL powerbutton mode for wifiboot itself and booted nds/dsi titles
 - enter_nds_mode: reloc 2FFFxxxh to 23FFxxxh, set 4MB-RAM, NDS-ROM, ARM9 67MHz
 - enter_nds_mode: set NDS-TSC-touchscr mode, NDS-SNDEXCNT

Code: Select all

no$gba v2.9a - 24 Jul 2018
 - emu/dsi/clk: supports ARM9 134MHz mode (but waitstates are too fast for now)
 - bios/help: swi waitbyloop timings for arm7/arm9 rom/cache nds/dsi 67mhz/134mhz
 - cart/emu: supports ds cart reset tricks (via toggling scfg_mc_msb or exmemcnt)
 - dsi/emu/help: scfg_clk.bit7 is read-only on arm9 (value mirrored from arm7)
 - dsi/help: added notes on 'flipnote lenny (or whatever it is called)' exploit
 - dsi/help: solved unknown last bytes in boot info block (SHA1 on 60h-byte area)
 - dsi/mmc-image: alternately accepts no$gba-footer at emmc offset FF800h
 - nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on (in-)official ways to reset cartridges
 - nds/dsi/cart/help: romctrl notes on wrong and slow 1t-rom timings cart header
 - dsi/debug: reformatted scfg7/scfg9 iomap windows, with new scfg details
 - dsi/teak/help: added offical names for bits in ar/arp/stt/mod (from .dll)
 - dsi/teak/help: many new stt/mod/ar/arp/cfgi/a0e/vtr details (thanks wwylele)
PS. I've originally released earlier unlaunch versions in this forum, http://4dsdev.kuribo64.net/thread.php?id=171 then switched to this forum, http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=18147 (and then switched back). Well, and after unexpected troubles in both forums, the project finally ended up in nesdev other retro dev section : )
Hi, I'm asking if there is a way to show the DSi Health Warning screen and also activate the DSi Menu Music. I'm desperate, it's been 1 year since i tried to get this work, please help me. Thanks

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