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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:48 pm 

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Released wifiboot v2.6 and no$gba v2.9e
The main news is allowing to upload 3DS .firm files from no$gba utility menu to 3DS consoles.

That is my first 3DS program : )
And it's even a useful one... at least for people whom are coding .firm files.
Which is probably meaning useful to 3-5 people, but anyways.

10 Jul 2019 - wifiboot v2.6
- 3ds-wifi: added support for uploading 3DS.firm files via 3ds sdio
- source code cleaned up (REGBASE symbols, moved new SDIO code to wificore)
- extended transfer protocol (new bootinfo block, icon/title, rtc/time, etc)
- co-releases: 3ds.firm upload in no$gba/utility, wifiboot protocol in gbatek

10 Jul 2019 - version 2.9e
- wifiboot uploader: supports uploading 3ds .firm files from no$gba to 3ds
- wifiboot uploader: new bootinfo block (icon/title and rtc/time)
- wifiboot/help: added DS Wifi Dslink/Wifiboot Protocol chapter
- 3ds/help: added notes on SD/MMC Signals and 3DS Hardmodding
- 3ds/help: 3ds NWM wifi driver info (pool addresses and type1/4/5 variants)
- 3ds/help: specs for CID/OTP/NCSD/FIRM sectors for 3ds-#.mmc and new3ds-#.mmc
- setup: added 3ds/new3ds as nds mode variants (for debug view, not emulation)
- 3ds/aes: supports keyinit as by bootrom per otp (for filesys viewer)
- 3ds/emmc: loaded from 3DS-1.mmc or New3DS-1.mmc (for filesys viewer only yet)
- 3ds/bios: loaded from BIOS3DS.ROM (ARM9+ARM11) or BIOS3DS9.ROM+BIOS3DS11.ROM
- 3ds/help: added file/filesys info and arm11 mpcore/irq register specs
- wifi/help: added several new details (mostly from newly dumped AR6014 rom)
- a22i: supports abbrev ALU Rd,Rm,RotateShift (using Rd for both Rd and Rn)
- wifi/help: added wifi-board pinouts from fccid, and 4kbyte-wifi-flash-specs
- 3ds/crypt: supports sha256, sha224, aes-cbc, new keyscrambler (keyx/y)
- filesys viewer: show/decrypt 3ds stuff (partitions and firm/sav blocks)
- filesys viewer: faster directory loading (abort on first unused 00h entry)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:21 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:09 pm
Posts: 969
And some behind the scenes findings... I've spend the last 1-2 weeks on gazing at the 3DS AR6014 wifi firmware's rom/ram code (and also peeked at the DSi AR6002/AR6013 versions here and there).

Going by most or all official atheros source code, the last three WMI commands at 0047h and up should be:
  0048h  WMI_SET_AP_PS_CMD         ;aka WMI_AP_PS_CMD
But actually, DSi and 3DS have them as so:
  0047h  WMI_START_WHATEVER_TIMER_CMD                        ;-whatever on DSi!
  0048h  WMI_SET_FRAMERATES_CMD    ;aka WMI_FRAME_RATES_CMD  ;-cmd 0048h on DSi (instead of 0047h)!
  0049h  WMI_HOST_EXIT_NOTIFY_CMD  ;special DSi/3DS command (called host exit notify in ar6013/6014 ascii strings)

And then there are these two commands:
  003Bh  WMI_SET_BT_STATUS_CMD    ;\Bluetooth Coexistence
  003Ch  WMI_SET_BT_PARAMS_CMD    ;/
They are implemented in AR6002, but AR6013/6014 are simply ignoring that two commands (the firmware does have code for handling the commands, but the function vectors are instead pointing to dummy handlers... so it looks as if somebody has intentionally or accidentally made them nonfunctional).

The Type4/Type5 firmware variants for 3DS have these extra commands:
Special 3DS commands (for Type4 firmware, with AP mode):
  004Ah  WMI_AP_HIDDEN_SSID_CMD                         ;01h bytes (1)
  004Bh  WMI_AP_SET_NUM_STA_CMD aka WMI_AP_NUM_STA_CMD  ;01h bytes (1)
  004Ch  WMI_AP_ACL_POLICY_CMD                          ;01h bytes (1)
  004Dh  WMI_AP_ACL_MAC_LIST_CMD aka WMI_AP_ACL_MAC_CMD ;09h bytes (1+1+6+1)
  004Eh  WMI_AP_CONFIG_COMMIT_CMD                       ;34h bytes (..)
  004Fh  WMI_AP_SET_MLME_CMD                            ;09h bytes (6+2+1)
  0050h  WMI_AP_SET_PVB_CMD     ;ignored on 3DS         ;06h bytes (ignored)
  0051h  WMI_AP_CONN_INACT_CMD                          ;04h bytes (4)
  0052h  WMI_AP_PROT_SCAN_TIME_CMD                      ;08h bytes (4+4)
  0053h  WMI_?                                      ;01h bytes (1)
  0054h  N/A
  0055h  WMI_?                                      ;04h bytes (2+2)
  0056h  WMI_ignored_?                              ;01h bytes (ignored)
  0057h  WMI_?  ;with EVENT_1022h                   ;00h bytes
  0058h  WMI_?     <-- with optional params?        ;var       (2+2+1+1+N)
  0059h  WMI_?       ;only lower 8bit used          ;04h bytes (4; only 1 used)
  005Ah  WMI_?                                      ;01h bytes (1)
  005Bh  WMI_?                                      ;04h bytes (2+1+1)
  005Ch  WMI_?                                      ;04h bytes (1+3)
  005Dh  WMI_?                                      ;0Ah bytes (1+1+2+1+1+2+2)
  005Eh  WMI_?                                      ;01h bytes (1)
  005Fh  WMI_?                                      ;04h bytes (4)
Special 3DS commands (for Type5 firmware, with MacFilter and GameID):
  0060h  WMI_?                             ;3Ah bytes
  0061h  WMI_?                             ;28h bytes
  0062h  WMI_?                             ;12h bytes
  0063h  WMI_?                             ;02h bytes
  0064h  WMI_?                             ;03h bytes
  0065h  WMI_?                             ;07h bytes
  0066h  WMI_?                             ;07h bytes
  0067h  WMI_?                             ;03h bytes
  0068h  WMI_?  ;can be with EVENT_1023h   ;01h bytes
  0069h  WMI_?                             ;00h bytes
  006Ah  WMI_?                             ;00h bytes
  006Bh  WMI_?                             ;01h bytes
  006Ch  WMI_?                             ;06h bytes
  006Dh  WMI_?  ;with EVENT_1026h          ;00h bytes
  006Eh  WMI_?                             ;01h bytes
  006Fh  WMI_?                             ;06h bytes
  0070h  WMI_?                             ;01h bytes
  0071h  WMI_?                             ;08h bytes
  0072h  WMI_?                             ;02h bytes
  0073h  WMI_?  ;with EVENT_1027h          ;01h bytes
The AP mode commands appear to be same as what is command number F00Ah..F013h in official atheros code. I guess the 3DS is using that AP stuff to host multiplayer games.
So, I think both Type4 (AP Mode) and Type5 (MacFilter) are somehow "local network" related. Maybe one is for Streetpass, and one for Single-gamepak DownloadPlay (and maybe also one of them for Multi-gamepak local multiplayer).

Oh, and I have taken another approach on comparing the 3DS NWM wifi firmware versions. Searching for known Xtensa code didn't work (for unknown revisions). So, I am now searching for known ARM literal pool structures (to obtain size & offset of the Xtensa code blocks). I've compared four NWM files yet, and found them to contain three different Xtensa code revisions:
Code:   038h bytes                   ;\Database and EEPROM reading stub
  Stub.code   316h bytes                   ; (always same size/content)
  Database    1E8h bytes                   ;/
  Main.type1  0FD3h, 10F7h, or 1B1Bh bytes ;\Main firmware (compressed)
  Main.type4  A053h, A482h, or A5EBh bytes ; (size/content varies per version)
  Main.type5  78F6h, 7A2Eh, or 7A2Eh bytes ;/
Or, well Type5 has only two different sizes (I haven't checked yet if the 7A2Eh-byte versions are identical).

For normal use the oldest/smallest Type1 versions seems to be fine. I've tried to disassemble that code, it's only 1600 lines, but to really understand what it is doing one would also need to disassemble 70,000 lines of ROM code (which, I have only disassembled parts of it).
Anyways, in general, the RAM code containx the usual "main init" function (required because the atheros ROMs are lacking that code). And the remaining RAM code seems to be mostly containing a newer revision of the atheros/mitsumi mode switching code, and lots code for testing GPIO bit14 (which might be also mode switching related).

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