FDS RAM Adapter - NES Version

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Re: FDS RAM Adapter - NES Version

Post by muramasa » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:20 pm

krzysiobal wrote:I remember playing with that FDS RAM adapter on a Famicom with CPU (UA6527P), PPU (UA6538) and crystal (26.601712MHz) replaced from a Dendy and it immediatelly hang out after showing the loading screen, so be prepared that it might not work on PAL console without modification of the FDS Bios.
Thanks for the heads up! I don't actually own a PAL console but it is good information to have.
Great Hierophant wrote:Too modest! This is great work and rather gratifying for me as it goes a long way to confirming my original theory of how a(n) NES Disk System would have worked.
Thanks! Yeah I still have a ways to go on it and things to test.
Great Hierophant wrote: I see that bakuten has also done an adapter for Famicom, but I'm trying to make sense of it. http://bakutendo.blog87.fc2.com/blog-entry-319.html Why make a straight through 60-pin version when the original right angle version works fine in just about any 60-pin console ever made? Also, his board doesn't have holes for the unusual single DRAM chip Nintendo used in the later revisions of the FDS RAM Adapter which replaced the standard four DRAM chips.
Bakuten's adapter was designed to work with portable Famicom systems, or any other famicom that has a deeper spot for the cartridge. He talks about it here.

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