Considering writing a NES emulator? Please read!

Discuss emulation of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom.

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Considering writing a NES emulator? Please read!

Post by koitsu » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:13 pm

So you're looking to write your own NES emulator and have stumbled upon this forum for technical assistance. Great!

But before taking any further steps, please be aware there is already a mind-bogglingly excessive number of NES emulators in development: ... evelopment

So before opting to create a new one -- quite possibly another project which will go no where given lack of time or interest down the road (be realistic!) -- please take some time out of your day to research one (or all) of the many existing in-development emulators instead. Your efforts might be better spent improving one that's already started, or by teaming up with an existing developer.

Regardless of what you choose, happy coding!