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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:54 am 

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Dwedit wrote:
If this was my project, I'd include 'pluck detection', where you detect when the game plays a note using a different duty cycle for the first frame.

How long is the pluck usually? If it is a few frames long then there may be a noticeable lag when it plays the sample.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:16 am 

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Reliable detection of an envelope's onset might take three to four frames. Good news: A lag of several frames in music isn't noticeable except in rhythm games like Dance Aerobics and D+Pad Hero. Bad news: Sound effects go through the same sound channels, and lag in sound effects is more likely to have a negative effect on perception of sensory integration. So you might eventually want to hack the game to play music and sound effects through different mechanisms.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:07 pm 
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Wow! Thanks for the interest in this system! I really appreciate it. A newer version of the script is going to be made. A user, known as HerzDevil on the Famitracker forums has offered a revised, more organized version of the script with better support for new channels and sample sets. I will study that script and use it as a base for the new version and I'll also try to add some new features, like having the script use an .ini file to get information about which samples to use, their default volume and the number the script needs to divide a channel's frequency to, in order to get a sample's pitch. This will allow for better customization and, later, support for an individual sample set for each game. Because of all that and the fact that I have other projects, I'm working on, it might take a while to make. For now, I can offer a small update of the script. The default sample set has been edited in a way to reduce popping, the script now uses new volume values and the issue with the fast changing sound effects has been fixed. Turns out, I just had to specify a lower chunk size, when creating the audio device(it was changed from 1024 to 256). I also have a new music sample, recorded from "Journey to Silius". I hope you enjoy it.

Dwedit wrote:
If this was my project, I'd include 'pluck detection', where you detect when the game plays a note using a different duty cycle for the first frame.

I actually wanted to add this feature, not just for different duty cycles, but for different notes. It would work great for guitars or synth instruments. There would've been two samples for each instrument: one that's played once and one that's, later, looped. I soon ran into a problem, though. The script can check every frame(that's every 60th of a second) whether the first sample is still playing or not. If it's not, it can start looping the second one. However, the first sample might finish playing a little before the script can check if it's still active. This might create a gap between the first and second samples and the sound will end up being crappy. :? I could make it so that the sample's time could be divided by 60, but I ran into another problem. When the proteaAudio sound library changes the pitch of a sound, it also changes the speed, so there still might be gaps. Since I have no idea at what rate it speeds the samples up or down, I can't calculate it so that it loops the second sample accordingly. If anyone can help me out with this problem, it would be nice.

8bitMicroGuy wrote:
Now, if you could make some kind of detection of dynamic duty cycle changes where some instruments keep chainging it like 22102210~ become instruments like some synth leads.

Seems like an interesting idea, though it might get very complicated. Right now, I want to focus on other stuff, like adding support for more chips, being able to easily change sample sets, etc. I could try implementing this sometime in the future, though. :)

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