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Author:  nIghtorius [ Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  phibiaNES Next - Project codename Denver.

During the development of phibiaNES I have learnt much about the NES. I also learnt that too many design mistakes were made when I started writing this emulator. I tried to aim for accuracy. But the design mistakes I made in the start prevent me from reaching this goal. for example "Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (USA)" does some funky shit. Sure I can hack around a bit to make this game run. But.. Hacking around means I failed creating an really accurate NES emulator.

Also I wrote it in Delphi, which is a really cool language though, except most stuff (XBRZ, Blargg NTSC, etc) is coded in C(++). Therefore needing constant DLL's for phibiaNES. (xbrz.dll, ntsc.dll, etc). Also the compiler I used doesn't do modern optimizations and adding too much logic will make it execute slowly.. I am not abandoning it until "Project Denver - PhibiaNES next" atleast matches phibiaNES in compatibility.


* Accuracy.
* Open source.
* When it is feasible, portability (Win32, Win64, Linux, MacOSX).

No other goals.
You can watch the progress on:

I just started don't expect much as of yet.

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