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BassNES - NES Emulator

Post by Thebassist95 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:19 pm

Hey guys! This is an emulator I've been working on since the middle of March 2017. Its written in java so it should be cross platform. BassNES is cycle accurate and a lot of work has gone into making it as accurate as I reasonably can. Along with the complete emulator I am maintaining a headless core library so that others can include it in their own projects. I modeled the core off liberto and it includes an interface for callbacks and eveything (except a gui) to get an emulator up and running.

Latest Release:
Licensed under AGPL 3.

BassNES has many of the standard features you would expect including:
- An NSF Player.
- Save States.
- Various graphical and palette options.
- NTSC filter.
- Controller support (provided through Jinput)
- Being exceptionally fast for a Java emulator.

It also has some less common features like:
- Fully mixable audio.
- Audio Visualizer with an oscilloscope and piano keyboard.

Its been a lot of fun working on this and I've got lots of cool features planned. I couldn't have done it without all the amazing documentation, test roms, etc, this community has created. I also want to thank all those that frequent #nesdev, your help there has been extremely valuable. This community is awesome and I thank you for everything. I want to give special thanks the Mesen author Sour, and HalfNes author Andrew Hoffman. Your source codes have helped me to diagnose countless issues.

Let me know if there are any obvious features that are missing, or if support for a mapper you need is missing. I've still got a ways to go with mappers.

Now throw all the constructive criticism you can at me. So that I can make BassNES the best emulator it can possibly be!

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Re: BassNES - NES Emulator

Post by Thebassist95 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:18 pm

Change log:

0.4.2 -
- BugFix: More steps taken to prevent crashes with Jinput.
- First steps to input recording and playback.
- Added hotkeys for quick save/load savestate.
- Added hotkeys for input recording and playback.
- Redesigned controller configuration window.
- Tab for the NSF Player was added to audio settings. Allowing you to set default track length.
- BugFix: Small timing issue with the MMC5 mapper.
- Added support for nsfe files!
- Screenshots added to project.

0.4.1 -
- Fix for a crash on startup. It was related to a poor understanding of Jinput.

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