Testers wanted for new patchingtool
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Author:  oRBIT2002 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Testers wanted for new patchingtool

Any ROM-hackers here that are interested in trying out my new patchingtool I've developed (running on Windows)? I'm looking for creative ideas to improve it and user feedback if it's useful for anyone else but me. :)

The main point of my patchtool is to make it easier to develop ROM-hacks. Instead of using a hex-editor you use a simple textfile with instructions how to patch the file which I think makes life alot easier if things starts to go wrong. I've used this tool for almost all my ROM-hacks and it has saved me many many hours.

Current instructionset looks something like this:
FILL (allows you to fill an area with a certain byte)
POKE (change a byte at specific offset)
INCBIN (include a binaryfile and put it a specific offset, good for including compiled code)
INJECT (insert X number of byte Y at specified offset)
COPY (copy data from one offset to another)
MOVE (same as copy but moves memory, sourcearea is cleared with specified byte)
MATCHCRC32 (CRC32-verification. Refuse to patch the sourcefile unless the CRC32 value match..)

The tool itself is controlled using the command-prompt:
C:\>Sniper.exe <PatchFile> <SourceFile> <OutputFile>

I've started to create a "compiler" for these textfiles if you want to distribute the patches without the patchinginformation in clear text.

Interested? Drop me a pm.

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