Header Control (attn: Emulator Authors)
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Author:  FitzRoy [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Header Control (attn: Emulator Authors)

rainwarrior wrote:
The occasional bad header is a frequent enough problem for you that you'd throw away all homebrew ROMs to fix it?

It's not just bad headers. The format itself falls short, thus 2.0, but it can't be revised because we don't control roms the way we control emulators. We handed off mapping integrity to the web admin of Some say his 90s banner ads generate revenue to this day.

I think a modern emu should just circumvent headers entirely with its own db lookup. ines would be the fallback for anything not in the db and major titles like Super Mario Bros 3 would no longer be subject to old or bad headers. If emulators want to share their db method, fine, but not necessary. Some emulators might even use ines values as their entries, which would be ironic, but still slightly better than relying on headers from who-knows-where.

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