Bizhawk and NES Paperboy
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Author:  CLChambers00 [ Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Bizhawk and NES Paperboy

I have ran NES Paperboy on a front loader NES with an everdrive, and I also TASed it using Bizhawk. However, despite the fact that the tas editor allows you to modify frame by frame my run of Monday was 4272 frames, but TAS required 4285 frames. There is no lag frames on this day and it is the fastest the day can be accomplished. After TASing it I compared the frame count to the frame count of my recent world record run, and the amount of frames it took me to complete each day ran almost exactly 99.7% of what was required in Bizhawk, using NesHawk. This is very strange. I first thought that maybe my NES was consistently running faster but again I have compared my runs to other player runs and they are comparable. I used three forms of verification to get the frame count of my run on original hardware: 1) Viewing the timer value in LiveSplit on first and last frame, 2) frame analysis of OBS capture of the game, and 3) frame analysis in Yua after deinterlacing the direct feed recorded by Amarec.

Any thoughts?

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