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Nestopia JG

Post by carmiker » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:31 am

I am pleased to announce that since the placement of Nestopia UE into maintenance mode, a new fork has been created to continue work on the Nestopia codebase: Nestopia JG

This is part of my larger project, Jolly Good Emulation. Nestopia was in fact the first emulator I worked on, mainly due to the number of input devices it supports -- it allowed me to build a fairly robust input system from the start. I will also note that I designed this for developers and those wishing to learn more about emulation through a "do it yourself" type project, and it is not for casual everyday use, though it could potentially be packaged up in that manner later on.

Currently, there is only one real change since forking. I have fixed a small glitch in the APU that caused scratchy noises in some games, such as Super Mario Bros 3.

I have intentionally disabled the ability to post issues/bugs/pull requests on gitlab for now, as my project is very young and taking shape still. However, I decided to post here so that the nesdev community would be aware that the emulator is still being actively worked on.

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