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Is there embeddable nsf player framework?

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:25 am
by nezvers
I've been searching for a while for an audio framework that handles NSF playing I could include in a non-NES game made with Raylib/ SDL/ etc and without dealing with rest emulation. Just like jar_xm, jar_mod, dr_flac, dr_mp3, dr_wav and stb_vorbis.
I'm somewhat capable in C & C++ and just started learning nes deving in C through Steven Hugg's book and 8bitworkshop IDE. So doing myself from scratch is a bit too early and extracting needed from existing emulators is a bit too much for my tiny brain.
My goal is the ability to compose NSF with Famistudio or Famitracker, load NSF with music and sound effects, and trigger sfx that work in a manner like good old NES.
Before suggesting just to go with prerendered audio - I've been there and done that, I want more. I'm a musician and audio engineer too and hearing that noise SFX doesn't interrupt drum track leaves some desire for something better, also even emulated NES audio sounds better mixed together and SFX interrupts don't smear together with music.

So is there a framework I haven't found or is there a way to make emulation work? I found an interesting agnes library I'm going to go through and see what I can learn.