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 Post subject: Assessment for Judging
PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:42 pm 
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Being a teacher, assessment methods (rubrics, grading scales, and the like) are all of particular interest to me.

How are you each approaching judging?

What factors are you including in the overall categories, etc.?


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It's hard to tell. I usually begin from top to bottom. I usually pick up muy most favourite in each category and give it full marks if I think it deserves it, or almost full marks. Then I pick up my next favourite, and measure how much "worse" it is so I give it the same, 1 less or 2 less or ...

When I'm done I reconsider my decisions. Maybe I was too harsh with my least favourite. Maybe the entries awarded the less points should have higher marks.

So it is quite relative. I don't know if this is a good or bad method, but it's the method I use most of the time in every task where I need to qualify or simply pick an arbitrary order to stuff.

On top of that, I think each one has a different approach to what topic or category is most important. For example, I don't care if a game is original as long as it is fun. Well, I do care that it is original, but that's less important. I don't care if it's technically top-notch as long as it looks good and plays great, and feels polished and complete.


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One way, though it requires a bit of prequisite legwork, is to set up atomized and universally functioning merits, and assign them a value (nominally 1). Each merit which you find true rewards a point (or a half, or whatever value you've assigned to that merit). Since some categories can reward more points than others, you'd either have to come up with more merits or attribute them with more points each.

the apple was:
-rinsed (1pt)
-good for baking (1pt)
it had:
-an appetizing colour (1pt)
-a nice scent (1pt)
-a distinct flavour (1pt)
-a nice texture (1pt)

Maybe if the apple had a really nice scent, it might be worth 2pts.

Or the merits could be accumulative, perhaps like this:
-the student has grasped the elementary concepts needed to pass the course and continue with the next (threshold 1pt)
-the student has been able to reflect on the concepts and relate them to other related fields of study (threshold 3pt)
-the student has achieved a confident and profound understanding of the subject. (threshold 5pts)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:59 am 
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I ordered them by how much I like them, then adjusted their scores until the numbers came out the way I wanted. Unfair? maybe.

I also subtracted points for bugs at submission time. Sorry. I know alot of them had been fixed before voting, but deadlines are deadlines. I'm a stickler.

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