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 Post subject: Strange GBS Problem
PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:38 am 

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After ripping Keep the Balance, I find myself in a strange predicament. The rip works great when converted to a gb rom (w/ gbsplay 1.02), but fails to play correctly as a GBS file itself in all of the players I have tried.

Usually when a difference like this pops up, it's a result of incorrect banks being selected. Different players do different things when selecting a bank that's not present in the GBS file. However, when I checked to see if the correct bank values were being written in the rom conversion with a debugger, I found no potential problems. All bank numbers were correct.

I was wondering if anyone here has some insight as to what could cause this to problem. Here are the files (GBS and GB ROM conversion):

Below is some information on the rip:

The game contains seven tracks, each having it's own bank. In the game, the music data banks are at 0A-10. I relocated them to 02-08 in the GBS. The game's main music routines (init/play) are in bank 0, with some auxillary routines in bank 2 (which I relocated to bank 1 for the rip).

Also, the game's actual init routine is at $307, but I relocated it to $2307 for the GBS rip, changing all necessary hardcoded addresses. More precisely, I moved $200-$83F in the ROM to $2200-$283F in the GBS. This was done to make it work with gbsplay, which needs 1024 bytes. ($0-$3FF).

The game does a lot of stack manipulation/referencing in the music routines. For example, in the init routine, the song number is read from sp+04, where sp is the vale of the stack pointer immediately after the routine is entered. I accounted for this when writing the GBS's init wrapper.

The rip's init routine is as follows:

push af
la a,01
ld (2000),a    ; in the game itself, bank 02 is used
call 4000      ; initialize sound registers
ld a,05
ld (cafa),a    ; counter for play routine - routine is called once every 5 times
ld a,01
ld (c26e),a    ; needed so play routine is carried out
pop af
add a,0a       ; song number - same as in game bank number
ld c,a         ; transfer song number to the high byte of a 16-bit register
push bc        ; needed for stack alignment
push bc        ; game's init routines reads song number from this position
ld hl,4000
push  hl       ; address read from in game's init routine
call 2307      ; game's init routine
pop hl
pop hl
pop hl
call 4026      ; set up music tempo - bank # is 01 before called

Any help/information will be greatly appreciated.

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